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First and foremost, why should a fighter wrap their hands? Hand wraps’ principal use is to guard a fighter’s most valuable weapon—their hands! The main objective of boxing hand wraps is not to soften the blow; boxing gloves do that. Read on to see what Delray Beach Boxing Club has to say about the top hand wraps. 

Why Wrapping Your Hands Properly is Important

Hands have delicate joints and bones that can break by the impact of blunt force. Hand wraps help to keep your hand together by offering support throughout your fingers, knuckles, wrists, and the entire hand.

The adjustable bones and joints are then protected hand wraps. The hand wrap connects all of your joints, distributing shock more evenly over your entire hand. When your hand contacts your competitor or the heavy bag, you don’t want your joints to move freely and easily. Joints that move in their own direction might cause catastrophic fractures.

Similarly, if your hands are loose when you strike a punch, the small joints in your hand might easily slump over each other and break. Even if you don’t break your hand, you don’t want to risk painful hand injuries. Injuries that limit you from carrying goods, typing on a computer, or even using a pen. Wear hand wraps to save your hands after boxing!

Boxing Fortress Pro T1 Hand Wraps Adult Hand Wraps Muay Thai Hand Bandages Fast Wraps

Fastwraps Fortress Pro T1 The T1 hand wraps are an evolution of prior releases. A stabilizing backhand support splint that facilitates good form and enhanced wrist support. It’s lightweight and responsive and intended to let users get the most out of their strength and agility. Also allows for speedier application than ever before, thanks to new compression wraps that come preloaded.

Hayabusa Quick Gel Boxing Hand Wrap Gloves

Preparing for your next boxing class has never been easier! This set includes two sets of Quick Gel Hand Hand Wraps. These also come with a mesh Hayabusa wash bag for safe and simple cleaning.

The Quick Gel Hand Wraps are easy to apply and feel excellent beneath boxing gloves. The gel/foam cushioning provides a Secure Fit Slips on and wraps up to fit snugly. Its 36-inch wrap is the ideal length for supporting your wrist while training without being cumbersome under your gloves.

Hayabusa Boxing Hand Wraps Perfect Stretch 4.0 

These hand wraps can be used alone for speed bag practice or with gloves while punching the heavy bag, target mitts, or fighting. Our latex-free cotton nylon elastic combination is breathable and fits your hand and wrist like a perfect fit, delivering a secure fit and feel. 

The closing mechanism is an extra-wide hook-and-loop with a thumb loop for a tailored fit. Cleaning your wraps is simple because they are machine washable and dryer friendly, allowing you to have them ready for your next workout in no time. Designed to provide the ease and comfort you expect from a Mexican Style hand wrap while supporting and protecting your hands and wrists.

Everlast 120 In. Exercise Hand Wraps

Everlast Hand Wraps are an absolute necessity for fighters and boxers. The airy fabric will keep your hands cool and dry while also providing comfort. You can just toss it in the washing machine with the rest of your exercise gear because it is made of a machine-washable material. 

The cotton hand wraps are available in bright red, black, and off-white. The emblem of this trustworthy brand is embroidered on a white sewed-on patch on each. Each band is a substantial length for complete coverage and increased strength. The necessary addition to your training routine comes in a 3-pack, guaranteeing that you are always equipped for a few rounds in the ring at the gym.

Types of Hand Wraps 

Professional hand wraps and training hand wraps are the two most common forms of hand wraps. Professional hand wraps are for boxing matches. However, many high-level fighters use them throughout training as well. Professional hand wraps are surrounded by a layer of tape and thin gauze and applied by a trainer. Most people mean hand wraps used for training, which you wrap yourself.

There are a few different alternatives for training hand wraps. Some hand wraps have a touch of elasticity to them. Which means they fit the hand tighter and mold to the curve of the hand much more closely. Then there are non-stretch hand wraps. 

Durable material with a loose enough fit is usually what you can expect from a great hand wrap. Both forms of boxing hand wraps will perform an excellent job of guarding your hands, but the fit is entirely dependent on personal preference.

Train Like A Champion With Delray Beach Boxing Club 

Delray Beach Boxing Club blends a high-end fitness center with experienced boxers to provide high-intensity group workouts and precise training regimens. Work out like a champion by combining functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens with professional boxing methods and skills.

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