Delray Beach Boxing Club: A Tour of The Amenities


Delray Beach Boxing Club located in East Delray is your one-stop shop for your fitness and boxing needs. Whether you’re looking to get into shape, learn boxing techniques, or sharpen your skills, Delray Beach Boxing Club offers it all. No matter your fitness level, gender, or age, we will work with you and guarantee to deliver you results.

In this article, we’ll be delving into the facility and amenities, as well as what we have to offer each member.


Delray Beach Boxing Club is more than just a boxing gym, we have a fully functional gym with standard exercise machines and equipment. Our approach to fitness is one that implements the high energy of the boxing world mixed with the premium amenities of a private fitness gym.

Our front room, when first walking through our doors, is our standard fitness room. This is where you will find treadmills, machines, and free weights. Some of the main equipment we offer are:

  • Treadmills
  • Pelotons
  • Free weights
  • Innova inversion table
  • Ellipticals
  • Squat/ bench racks
  • Leg, arm, back, etc. machines

Ringside Approach

Delray Beach Boxing Club offers an authentic experience for those who want to learn to box. Through our exclusive Ringside Approach method, you will get hands-on training taught by professionals.

Our trainers are patient and willing to adapt to each clients learning style. We teach boxing techniques used in the ring but incorporate the cross-fitness mentality. This approach helps simultaneously increases endurance and strength within an hour workout. We teach the fundamentals of boxing, which include the correct way to throw a punch along with proper footwork.

At our gym, we focus on bag work to help improve your technique. While offering sparring to get that 1 on 1 experience with a trainer. Once you’ve got the basics down, work out in our regulation boxing ring on competitive techniques with professional boxers, and spar with similar level competitors.



At Delray Beach Boxing Club, our facility comes equipped with a 140-degree sauna to aid in your post-workout recovery. We know how important muscle recovery is which is why we added a sauna for whole-body heat therapy. After an intense cardio boxing workout, it is common to find your body sore and tight. The sauna will help loosen those muscles and ease any built-up tension or pain from your workout.

This will not only improve your overall fitness and boxing performance but will also increase your body’s ability to rebuild and repair itself. Using a sauna for heat therapy can help avoid injury by increasing blood flow. Thus, promoting the availability of fresh blood cells throughout the body. The heat helps to release muscle tension and pain. Increasing blood flow can also increase anabolic hormone secretion, which assists in stimulating muscle growth and improving overall health.

Private Showers

After enduring an intense workout at our gym, the last thing you want is to jump in a hot car dripping sweat. We know how uncomfortable it can be for people to have to sit in their drenched clothes after an intense workout. We also understand how busy many of our clients’ lives are, and they may not have the luxury of running home to shower following their gym session. This is why we offer two private showers for all of our clients. We want our gym to feel like their second home.


Are You Ready to Join The Delray Boxing Club Family

No matter your health goals or your level of experience, at Delray Boxing Club we cater to each and every client. We combine an upscale fitness facility with professional boxers, to guarantee high-intensity workouts. Whether you’re looking for group classes or 1 on 1 training, we are ready to help you reach your fitness goal, while pushing you a little further.

Contact us today to take a tour of our facility, or, take it a step further, and sign up for your first class free. If you don’t have your own gloves or wraps, we have you covered. No more excuses, sign up today!

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