Weights 101 – Choosing Your Starting Weights


At Delray Beach Boxing Club, our trainers and coaches emphasize the importance of working out in a way that is unique to your performance goals and body type. When not taking one of our classes, you have the opportunity to visit our open gym where you can choose from machines, cardio or free weights. 

How to Choose Your Starting Weights

The first determination you need to make is what you are trying to achieve by weight training. Is your focus on building overall strength? Are you aiming to increase muscle size and definition? Are you training for a fight and looking to increase endurance?

Once you have defined where you are and where you want to be you can then plan where to start.

If you’re entirely new to weight training it is recommended that you start with your body weight, focus on your form and get used to the motions. Bodyweight is a super effective strength training workout, it is also a helpful way for beginners to become familiar with all the main movement patterns in strength training,

Building strength, you’ll want to do more sets of fewer reps with longer rest between each set 

Increasing muscle size and definition, you’ll want to do sets of 6-12 reps 

Increasing endurance, the recommended numbers are 12-20 reps per set

Try weights that are challenging enough you feel like you can only do a few more reps at the end of your set, but not too challenging that you sacrifice form and feel over-strained. Listen to your body, don’t overload and make sure you are protecting yourself from injury by keeping awareness of your form.

Prepare Your Body

A proper warm-up is an important part of an effective weight workout. Start by stretching up your muscles with a foam roller. We also have cardio equipment and stretching areas available to all gym members. 

It’s important to be prepared and adequately warmed up before lifting weights to prevent injuries. 

Keeping Track of Your Goals 

Once you get started staying consistent is key. Get into a routine. Start with two days for two to three weeks, then add a third day. Ultimately you should train three to five days per week. Take your time getting there though.

We recommend checking in with one of our coaches if you have any questions or uncertainties about your workouts. If you’re lifting heavy we recommend you always have a spotter available to help you. 

Have questions or ready to join? Give us a call 561-248-1212 or fill out the form on our page for a complimentary class.

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