Fitness Boxing Classes.. Should You Be Boxing?


Our instructors have made a list why they think this class is one of the most beneficial weekly workouts. Here is why:

Boxing Fitness Classes Build Full Body Strength Training

Your arms aren’t the only thing getting a workout when you are in the boxing ring. Fitness Boxing strengthens almost every muscle in the body. “You’re swinging your arms, moving your arms and shoulders, and raising your upper-body strength, with your knees slightly bent,” Arslanian says.

Natural Stress Reliever

Did you know that most common reactions to stress is physically venting? So it makes sense to “hit up” a boxing class when your feeling particularly stressed. A few punches to the bag and you can feel the stress seeping out your pores as endorphins release. No matter you live a stressful busy life or you just want to blow off some steam. Boxing fitness classes are a great way to naturally manage stress.

Boxing Fitness Classes Teach Self Defense Techniques

In classes you will learn how to block strikes, throw punches and dodge attacks with high intensity. Someone with boxing fitness experience have an “upper cut” above any attacker that may cross their path.


Fitness Boxing classes can not only help you improve your physical confidence but your mental and emotional confidence as well. Looking in the mirror and noticing the change in the tone of your arms and legs speaks for itself. But the confidence felt after releasing your endorphins in an intense boxing fitness class does wonders for your mental health.

Delray Beach Boxing Club

You just read our personal favorite reasons to try add a boxing class to your routine. So, why not stop into Delray Beach Boxing Club and try your first class free with us!

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