Delray Beach Fight Night 3

Delray Beach Fight Night 3


It’s that time again! We’re ringing in the new year with the biggest fight in Delray Beach history. The Delray Beach Boxing Club is pumped up to announce their Delray Beach Fight Night 3 event

After the success of Fight Night 2 in March 2021, it’s only right to bring this event back BIGGER AND BETTER. Delray Boxing is proud to highlight this diverse group of athletes who’ve trained diligently to showcase their skills to hundreds!

Let’s introduce the fighters. 

Justin Ibarrola 

And in this corner, we have Justin Ibarrola from Tacoma, Washington

What Motivated You to Take Up Boxing? So he could feel confident walking around anywhere in the world, knowing he could defend himself and others around him. He also really enjoys it. He also enjoys the technicality and mental discipline behind it.

What do you care about the most? He’s passionate about anime and making people happy. (Favorite animes are haikyuu!! One piece, hunter x hunter)

What are your objectives for 2022? To start the year with a knockout, and continue to grow his knowledge and experience on the business side of boxing, and the business side of the real world and build connections and relations. And make people happy, and put smiles on people’s faces. CEO of black sheep promotions fighting on his own show.

Jonas ‘JFADE’ Sylvain

What Motivated You to Take Up Boxing? At the age of 17, his eyes were opened to the world of Boxing. Ever since then, boxing has been his top priority. Jonas has accomplished multiple goals throughout his boxing career and is looking forward to even more. 

What do you care about the most? Alongside boxing, he is also a personal trainer. He enjoys being in the fitness world and helping others achieve their body goals in a fun and healthy way.

What are your objectives for 2022? Jonas stands by the motto, “I see, I want, I grind, I get”. He believes that one should work for what they want and be confident in the decisions they make in life.

Carlos ‘DIDIT’ Arredondo

Representing our middleweight class is Hilealeh native DIDIT. 

What Motivated You to Take Up Boxing? I’ve always loved boxing and have never wanted to do anything else. Boxing is a lovely art form. Because life is unjust, I prefer the concept of it being a level playing field and fair. I was a tiny child who wanted to grow up and become someone significant. Mike Tyson was my first inspiration. I was inspired by Mike Tyson’s performances in front of large crowds.

What do you care about the most? I enjoy both people and animals. I enjoy the concept that, at its core, everyone is the same and that we aren’t all that different from one another.

What are your objectives for 2022? First and foremost, I want to be triumphant in January. I’d like to stay active and fight at least three more times in 2022, as well as expand my audience.

Steve Geffrard 

Right here in the heart of Delray Beach lies our next fighter Steve Geffrard! 

What Motivated You to Take Up Boxing? I began boxing at a charity group in my area called “Police Athletic League” for underprivileged children. This was done to encourage underprivileged children to participate in sports.

What do you care about the most? I enjoy both traveling and boxing.

What are your objectives for 2022? I intend to become more active in the ring and compete in larger contests.

Marcos Escudero 

In this corner, we have Marcos Escudero from General Arenales, Argentina. 

What Motivated You to Take Up Boxing? Saw Floyd Mayweather on TV. Started at 19 and just fell in love with it. Hard work and dedication are why he loves it. I Want to be with the top fighters in the world. I Love training in boxing as well.

What do you care about the most? I Love to be with my family. My wife and daughter are here, and they are 4 months old.

What are your objectives for 2022? Be in the mix with the top fighters of his weight class.

Lawrence ‘BT’ Newton

What Motivated You to Take Up Boxing? Started at 8, getting in trouble in school. Dad put him in boxing. Was sleeping in the car and woke up at the gym. Didn’t like it at first until around 10. Did it just to fight and fell in love with the sport & won by 12/13.

What do you care about the most? Taking care of his daughter(3), son on the way, being with family, and enjoying life!

What are your objectives for 2022? Be a better version of myself.

Dominique ‘TRAPP’ Francis

Not far from home, Trapp represents the stomping grounds of Opa Locka, FL with Haitian Descent. 

What Motivated You to Take Up Boxing? When I was approximately ten years old, my cousin introduced me to boxing. I had to persuade my mother since she believed it was too physical. I never looked back when I started boxing. My mother is now a staunch supporter. It became a good outlet for dealing with the stresses of adolescence.

What do you care about the most? I enjoy music and spending time with my family. I’m a tad introverted and spend much of my time writing/journaling.

What are your objectives for 2022? I want to be in the top five in my weight class (certainly in the top ten), find new sources of income (working quietly), and stay healthy!

Cameran ‘CAM’ Pankey

Representing our super bantamweight class, is Cameran Pankey,  from Pontiac, Michigan

What Motivated You to Take Up Boxing? He lived in a bad neighborhood, he wanted to be able to defend himself. The only white kid in a black neighborhood. He’s very passionate about boxing, he left his whole life behind to do this.

What do you care about the most? Boxing, being around his family.

What are your objectives for 2022? He wanted to be at least 10-0 by 2022. He also wants to own at least 2 more houses by the end of 2022.


About Delray Boxing Club 

Delray Beach Boxing Club was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing a premium fitness facility, skilled boxing instruction, and a high-energy setting that will have you returning for more. This boxing club, right in the center of Delray Beach, offers a meaningful experience for those looking to learn how to box or get solid exercise.

With a ringside style to fitness, Delray Beach Boxing Club provides one-on-one coaching as well as courses to meet the needs of each member. The purpose is to teach professional boxing methods and skills while combining practical, endurance, aerobic, and circuit training.

Whether you want to lose weight or learn how to box, there are programs and experts that can help you achieve your fitness objectives.

Get Your Tickets Today! 

Join us on January 8, 2022, for the return of Fight Night, which will include ten LIVE professional boxing contests at Delray Beach Tennis Center. The doors open at 6 p.m. There will be food and drink for sale.

For table seating, bottle service is offered. Over 2,000 seats are expected to be sold!

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