Train like A champion

Delray Beach Boxing Club combines an upscale fitness facility with professional boxers, to guarantee high-intensity group classes and technical training regimens. Work like a champion with functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens paired with professional boxing techniques & skills.

Boxing Conditioning

Stay motivated and build strength with conditioning based classes. Focusing primarily on bag work, this style class improves strength, stamina and improves bag technique.

Competitive boxing

Work in the ring on competitive techniques with professional boxers, and spar with similar level competitors.

Boxing Techniques

Combining fitness with the art of boxing by demonstration and working with each student one on one, with partners, or as a group. This style trains and conditions the body for optimal results.

Boxing Fitness

Our classes teach the fundamentals of boxing combined with an intense workout style. From jab, cross, and hook to technical footwork, you’ll learn it all.

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Stop by today to tour our facility and talk with one of our trainers, or reach out for more information regarding a membership. Interested in joining?  Fill out the details below.


Absolutely! We welcome all levels to join us. We love working with older and younger individuals who consider themselves out of shape, unmotivated, bored, or weak. Anyone with an interest in using combat sports as their way of staying in shape and healthy should come try a class. As well as those who wish to take it more competitively.
We are incredibly honored to be among many other great boxing clubs in South Florida. That being said, we do some things that set us apart. Delray Beach Boxing Club offers an authentic experience for those who want to learn to box. We’re fun, we keep the gym upbeat and genuine. We love building relationships with each member and treating them like a real friend. Everyone feels comfortable with each other to not just have a good workout but also a fun, exciting, motivating one. We don’t take things too seriously. We train everyone as if they were a real boxer without taking the punches to the face. We’re not a commercialized gym like others.
Yes! We offer $25 off our normal membership pricing for active military members and students.

We have boxing gloves and wraps available for purchase.

Oh no, we’re sorry to see you go 🙁 If you would like to cancel, please give us a 30-day cancellation notice and fill out a cancellation request form on our website. Visit the front desk if you have any questions!

Train How You Want

We offer private 1-on-1 training, group classes, or you can choose to use the gym freely anytime we are open, totally up to you!

Our group classes are included in the price of the membership, private training is an additional cost, but well worth it if you are trying to improve your skills at a much faster rate.

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